Pick to Light & Sort to Light. Directions that Light up.

Pick to Light
The Vertical Lighttree is to be positioned between carousels 1 and 2 and carousels 3 and 4. They will display the total quantity to pick, and the cell location in each of 12 levels. Displays are adjustable. Each Lighttree will serve two carousels. A flashing arrow will indicate which carousel to pick from.
Sort to Light
See the illustration. The sortbar allows multiple orders to be batched together for efficiency and accuracy in picking and sorting. The configuration as proposed has positions for six (6) sort positions.
Typical operation: Gross quantity is picked from the carousel. When operator turns around with the product, the sortbar shows the quantity to be sorted into each order or kit. By pushing the task complete button on the sortbar or lightree, the operator can advance to the next pick.