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Modula Diamond Phoenix carousels are the most durable in the industry, engineered for long-term reliability in even the heaviest applications and most severe duty cycles. The motor, reducer and drive sprocket function as a single connected drive unit for maximized efficiency, drive speed and available torque. Performances and reliability are second to none.

Standard size frame modules enable the carousel to be easily extended or reduced in size; when needed, expansion is simple and economical and this preserves the value of the investment.

Modula Diamond Phoenix carousels are assembled at the factory and tested under power to ensure quick and quality installation on site.

Since bins are fabricated in-house, they can be made for many different application-specific designs, including: Custom wire-spacing and configurations, Solid steel construction, Peg board, Rack style, Cantilever shelf, Hopper and enclosed container, Angle forward shelves for consolidation and Dual-face configurations.

Single frame size allowing multiple bin sizes.

Dual bin configurations available, 36″ and 48″.

Off the shelf AC controllers and controls that are highly reliable and fully featured.

The fastest retrieval speeds in the industry.

The highest capacity standard shelves in the industry – 150lb. with optional 80 and 225lb.

Customizable bins and application specific designs.


Unit heights from 7’-10” to 13’-10”
Net unit load capacity 135,000 lbs
Unit width from 65.5” to 75.9”
Minimal energy consumption: 2 Hp/3 kW vertical axis motor high efficiency direct drive design with single or dual drives depending on configuration
Qty. of bins possible from 11 to 90 bins on standard configurations
Bin types available standard or dual-bin
Unit arrangements possible pod based up to 4 units per pod, stacked up to 3 tiers high
Unit lengths from 13’-9” to 150’-6”
Bin heights 6’ to 12’ tall standard, special heights on request
Bin widths 24.5” & 36”
Bin depths 18” to 22”
Bin shelf spacing adjustability 2”, 3”, and 4” standard available
Net bin payload capacities up to 1,500 lbs per bin on standard configurations
Powdercoated steel frame structure & bins/shelves Powdercoated steel frame structure & bins/shelves
Stainless steel track in standard or solid designs for superior durability

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