Horizontal Carousel ASRS. Store. Retreive. Repeat.


A Horizontal Carousel Automated Storage Retrieval System utilizes horizontal carousels with a robotic inserter extractor that stores and pulls totes from the carousel. Many configurations have a stack of 2-3 carousels per inserter/extractor. While the inserter extractor is pulling a tote for a pick, the other carousels are positioning for the next tote to be picked or putaway.

The Carousel ASRS can be used for storing or buffering totes or cases. The systems can store totes and cases up to 125 lbs. each. Transaction rates of 6 transactions per minute from each inserter extractor are typical.

Applications include:

Remote order picking and kitting for distribution and manufacturing.

Buffering Work in Process for manufacturing.

Buffering cases/orders for shipping and palletizing options.

Other add on accessories:

Batch Pick Tilt Stations.


Layer Palletizers.

Robotic Palletizer.


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