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Who we are
Streamline Integrated Technologies is a material handling systems integrator that specializes in streamlining material flow through the distribution and manufacturing operation. We are experts in application and implementation of various material handling equipment, warehouse control systems, conveyor systems, conveyor controls, and all facets of automated order selecting systems and end-of-line automation.

13960 Distribution Way Dallas, Texas 75234
Ph: 877-310-3334 | Fax: 817-796-1332
Email: sales@streamline-it.net
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Our focus in working with our clients is reducing operating costs, so the company can improve profitability. By reducing operating costs and improving profits, we are able to help them compete in the global market place and better serve their customers.

Utilizing the latest in software and controls technology tied with the right mix of automated equipment, we are typically able to reduce labor by 50% or increase productivity 2 to 3 times. Accomplishing this with our client’s goals in minds, we have improved inventory accuracy, reduced shipping costs, and better utilized warehouse and storage space. So, let us work with you and Streamline-It!

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